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Barkhan Dune Retreat offers Team Building for groups not larger than 14 participants (on weekends). The ideal number of team build attendees is 14, so that we can give everyone the necessary attention they require. If you are considering a bigger group, we would recommend only a Strategic Session. For these Strategic Sessions we can accommodate up to 24 pax at Barkhan Dune Retreat.

We recommend at least 2 days for team building activities, to allow enough time with the group. Activities are usually planned for the whole Friday and Saturday. Generally, the companies would arrive on a Friday morning no later than 10H00 and depart again on Sunday after breakfast.

During our Team Building Sessions we focus on the enhancement of certain people skills, test their qualities, rather than shortcomings. You can also plan a Strategy Session during the same weekend, in which the Team Build and the Strategy Session can flow into each other.

The main objective is to test and evaluate the individuals and the team on their listening abilities, observations and memorising skills, following basic instructions, planning skills, the ability to adapt and plan fast and to never quit once they have started something.

Activities include:
  • A treasure hunt with e-bikes (individual effort)
  • Basic operation of heavy machinery (testing individual hand-eye co-ordination)
  • Tug-of-war (team effort)
  • Soccer with a difference (team effort)
  • Can you drink (both individual and team effort), we do not issue certificates on this effort, it may be controversial.
  • Get to know and understand your team mates better
Additional activities (should time allow):
  • A farm drive and sundowner
  • A hike to the very astonishing “Ubib Grotto” to discover over 2000 year old pre-historic rock paintings
  • Mountain hike/trail running for the fitness fans (along a well laid out route)
  • Quick tour to learn more about Barkhan’s self-reliance/self-sustainability

Teambuilding weekends also include a braai at our soon, world-renowned, “Rooi Dak Padstal” on the Saturday evening.

On special request, we can also offer “sleeping under the stars” at a specific location on the farm.

The biggest outcome we would like to achieve with your group, is for those individuals to become grounded and human again, despite the challenges of the modern times we live in.

The Barkhan Dune Retreat Team is looking forward to hosting you and planning your teambuilding event!


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